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" BLOUZA" originally from

Algeria,  became popular in the North of Morocco. 

Those dresses originally made for weddings are all unique and handmade.


Originally, this dress comes from the city of Tlemcen in Algeria. Then has become the favorite outfit of the women of Oran. The blouse strangely resembles the low-cut dresses and cuffs of Josephine, the wife of Napoleon I. Blouza is traditionally worn by married and mature women. It is long and sewn in one or two pieces. It is bent at the waist, with short sleeves, the neckline and back are worked in pearls and refined traditional embroidery stitched on what is called the "sder" which is the part covering the entire chest. It is worn throughout Oran, but it is also popular in the cities of the Orient(Morocco) specifically in Oujda which is a city under Algerian cultural influences.

The djellaba / Jellaba is a long loose dress worn as a traditional garment in North Africa.